There are no rules in filmmaking. Only sins. And the cardinal sin is dullness.

 – Frank Capra


A Seaside Story Film - Belgium, Knokke Le Zoute -


It is an honor to be asked to shoot a wedding on the best of days, Nathalie asked me to shoot the wedding and make a Same Day Edit film, of course humbled, but you can see now their story is beautiful and so was there day. A day full happiness and emotion. We recorded and edited their story at Knokke Le Zoute church and the party at Vaucelleshof Damme by Brigitte & Alain Garnier. This wedding became unforgettable event. 


Pure - Wedding Documentary

Pure is a documentary video for inspirational souls. Shooting as a observer and documenting the moment alongside vendors and guests, creating authentic motion that reflect the true spirit of the event. Never interested in capture the ordinary and always looking to create something different. 


Nothing Really Matters, Belgium Idegem -

Geraardsbergen 2016 - Same Day Edit

I call Leen now Leentje ( because we are friends ) So anyway, Leentje & Roch live in Idegem Belgium. They are two of the most amazing people anyone could ever hope to meet. Both fantastic individuals and a loving couple. It was such a pleasure to be able to share their wedding day with them. And Roch ... on your next flight, don’t forget to shoot a time-lapse video for me, I now, life of a airline pilot is hard. Hopefully a little bit of their spontaneously shines through in this same day edit.


I Carry Your Heart with Me, Belgium - Brasschaat 2018 

I Carry Your Heart With Me is a 5:03 Poem style trailer told by E.E Cummings. It is always exciting when you arrive at the parental home. A friendly welcome and the day could not go wrong. The original tailor-made suit from Thierry 'by Guy David Men's Tailor' was immediately noticed. Valérie's wedding dress is equally beautiful. These guys were just laid back on their wedding day. What will come will come and you always see that in the end result. Our walk through the park and rhododendrons in full bloom. I will remember this couple and their unique party as people who have celebrated their wedding in spontaneity and a lot of attention to details and originality.



Every Dream Comes True. Belgium - 2015 Elversele

This wedding we never gonna forget. Kaat & Vincent selected a few of the most amazing locations. There is so much to tell about this wedding. We just gonna let this trailer speak for itself. Enjoy ... !