For those of you who may not be familiar with them, a same-day edit SDE is a cinematographic mini-documentary 5 minutes film that tells the story of the wedding day as it unfolds from the morning up until the location shoot. We started with the concept in 1998. The idea came up after seeing VJ’s playing songs on two lite screens. The idee for a same day edit was born. After 19 years it is still hot. The same day edit includes footage from all of the intimate moments of your event, including the pre-ceremony preparations, ceremony, post-ceremon and screened to all of the guests.The editing process is done in just a few hours, it's a great way to 'wow' guests who were unable to attend the ceremony portion of the day, and a meaningful thank-you gesture for your parents.

Autumn Leaves & Pine Cones

Autumn Leaves & Pine Cones

In the last couple of years I have been invited to cover more and more mixt wedding ceremony's. Szu-Ai & Auriëlien's wedding was breathtaking. These two knew what they were doing and their day was out of control in all the right ways. Surrounded with a group of beautiful and warm people. This wedding became one of my favorite celebrations of all time.

The Epic Story

Belgium 2016, Antwerp. This wedding is what it is all about, celebration, love, and vendors who are work hard to make my work easily. Wendy and Puck decided to have two wedding days, on the first day  together we decided to take a walk in Antwerp.  I really love these guys, you will understand after you spend the next few minutes with them below. Congrats to Tanja Fredriksson from Experience-T

A Seaside Story

A Seaside Story Film - Belgium, Knokke Le Zoute - Damme. It is an honor to be asked to shoot a wedding on the best of days, Nathalie asked me to shoot the wedding and make a Same Day Edit film, of course humbled, but you can see now their story is beautiful and so was there day. A day full happiness and emotion. We recorded and edited their story at Knokke Le Zoute church and the party at Vaucelleshof Damme by Brigitte & Alain Garnier. This wedding became an unforgettable event and one of our favorites of all time. 

HBD 65

HBD 65, Belgium, Schilde 2017. Philippe and Marianne decided to have a birthday 65 party in gold and black & white. A party with a small intimate group of good friends. It all started with loving words and it became a party to remember for a long time. Lot's of love and emotion, these guys gonna stay forever young! Enjoy

Walking with Kristiaan

Walking with Kristiaan. Belgium, Antwerp, 2016. Hm Hm Hm, what do you get when a bride marries the love of her life. So grateful that you guys decided to have me along to document your epic story. To everyone about to scroll the story, sit back and enjoy, more to come so enjoy the full story this week. Special thanks to Tanja Fredriksson from Experience-T, yes you dit it (again!)

Most amazing "Party Bride" ever!

Most amazing "Party Bride" ever! - Belgium, Genk, 2017. So here we are again, as up today the video "Most amazing Party Bride Ever" has a record of 4,6K./ 7100 views on my facebook page. Thanks to everybody for all the nice comments straight from your hearts. Sit down, pop up the volume and enjoy again. These guys are the best and once again, as you can see a huge congrats to Tanja Frederiksson from Experience-T for here unbelievable input and organization on this wedding!

Belle Epoque

Belle Epoque, Belgium, Antwerp 2015. Wow, this is a original idee to get married at the Zoo of Antwerp. Even more original was the unexpected night walk, animals where sleeping and you hear nothing at all. Erica marries the love of her life so she wants the best for her husband and kids. You call it a spontaneous and smooth wedding. So grateful you guys decided to have me along to document your beautiful wedding.


Amazed, Belgium 2014, Oud-Turnhout. About this story there is too much to tell. So just a little talk, Ann wish for a great way to 'wow' guests who were unable to attend the ceremony portion of the day. We remember it as a beautiful and timeless wedding. A wedding that take place in the back of there private home. This wedding was so relaxt in every way and vendors like like Kristof Keuppens from Hendrickx Feesten dit a great job as you can see in the video. After playing there same day edit we receiving so many compliments, See and enjoy ...

Nothing Really Matters

Nothing Really Matters, Belgium. Idegem - Geraardsbergen 2016. I call Leen now Leentje ( because we are friends ) So anyway, Leentje & Roch live in Idegem Belgium. They are two of the most amazing people anyone could ever hope to meet. Both fantastic individuals and a loving couple. It was such a pleasure to be able to share their wedding day with them. And Roch … on your next flight, don’t forget to shoot a time-lapse video for me, yes I now, the life of a airline pilot is sometimes hard. Hopefully a little bit of their spontaneously shines through in there's same day edit.

The Color Of Life

The Color Of Life, Belgium, Geraardsbergen - 2012. There is so many to tell about these guys. This wedding is one of our favorites. It's recorded on a private location. The video is a sample from the original same day edit and covered with more footage from the church. A lot of beautiful people and a amazing couple. Thanks for everything, we had a great day. 

My Bar Mitzvah

My Bar Mitzvah Belgium, Wilrijk 2012 - One of our favorite Life Style  same-day edit's. The ceremony we remember as a beautiful and timeless Bar Mitzvah, special thanks to artist Dafna Rahminov for letting us involved to make all the shots in de Synagoge and the school. I think the result became a cinematography story that transcend time. 

Le Trèfle à Quatre Feuilles

Le Trèfle à Quatre Feuilles - Destination Wedding Siorac-en-Périgord / Urval FranceWe have been fortunate enough to be invited to cover destination ceremony’s. We never forget this wedding! In short, they live in Sint-Gillis Belgium, they decided to get married in Urval France and we came along to document the celebration. You havent reached your full potential until you have been thrown into the middle of the unpredictable of destination weddings. We always arriving a day before, you never now what can go wrong. One that evening before we schot a sundown with the idee to use it in the video. You never believe this, on the wedding day there was no sun, just rain. Nele's frustration about the weather and thomas, the always positive gentleman gives Nele a big cuddle. At the ceremonie nobody nows about the acting priest. After all it became the perfect wedding day, we see it all, laughs, tears, happiness, nice places and the sundown that we shot …. ! Well we edited in the beginning of the video ;-).