Le Trèfle à Quatre Feuilles

Le Trèfle à Quatre Feuilles - Destination Wedding Siorac-en-Périgord / Urval FranceWe have been fortunate enough to be invited to cover destination ceremony’s. We never forget this wedding! In short, they live in Sint-Gillis Belgium, they decided to get married in Urval France and we came along to document the celebration. You havent reached your full potential until you have been thrown into the middle of the unpredictable of destination weddings. We always arriving a day before, you never now what can go wrong. One that evening before we schot a sundown with the idee to use it in the video. You never believe this, on the wedding day there was no sun, just rain. Nele's frustration about the weather and thomas, the always positive gentleman gives Nele a big cuddle. At the ceremonie nobody nows about the acting priest. After all it became the perfect wedding day, we see it all, laughs, tears, happiness, nice places and the sundown that we shot …. ! Well we edited in the beginning of the video ;-).